Our New Mission Statement

At Lake Shadows Civic League, our mission is simple: To serve the needs of our community and it's members by promoting improvements for the betterment of generations to follow!

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social media alert !

The Lake Shadows Civic League, its Officers & Directors, and the representation for the community by the Civic League would like to utilize social media as a platform for information ONLY.  At no time will a member of the Civic League board post or comment in regards to personal homeowner issues or finances.  Any points of interest, comments, suggestions, etc. should still be directed to our contact page from this website, or in writing addressed  to the Lake Shadows Civic League mailed to P.O. Box 642 Crosby, TX 77532 or in person at the monthly meeting.  A member of the board will not answer to the previous mentioned posts.

The Lake Shadows Civic League and its Officers & Directors will not conduct business via social media anytime, for any reason, and for no one. This would include finances, personal information regarding any property/homeowner, or disrespectful discussions.  Any information obtained from, or shared within social media should be verified by the Lake Shadows Civic League.

Civic League Pledge

Our Lake Shadows Civic League pledge is to treat you, our neighbors, and friends with respect and individual attention as we grow into the future!

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 Lake Shadows was developed in 1962 by S & M Inc, a group which included, Cyril Smith, Elizabeth Rogers, Carol Bicknell, Samuel Bicknell, and Clinton Anderson. Initially it was comprised of 170+ acres on the east shore of Lake Houston in Harris County Texas. Section One, Two and Three of Lake Shadows were immediately platted. In 1972 Mr Smith ( S& M Inc.) platted an additional 46 + acres and Added them as Section Four of Lake Shadows. In 1973 an additional 81+ acres was platted as Section Five of Lake Shadows. In January of 1994 Mr Eddie Glover and James Walker, being two of the remaining three members of the original committee as defined in the articles of incorporation filed in 1962, delegated the rights and duties of appointing the committee members to the Lake Shadows Civic League. In April of 2006, WCID # 70 ( water and sewer utility), platted an addition of 10+ acres known as Section Six of Lake Shadows. In 2006 Billy Gerhardt developed the original Lake Shadows website and in June 2014, Kerry Rachal developed the current website that is maintained by volunteers.