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Civic League Meetings

Lake Shadows Civic League Meeting is held every 2nd Monday of each month at the Lake Shadows Park (in Lake Shadows) @ 6:30pm (place may vary pending weather). All Lake Shadows residents are encouraged to attend.


Monthly Civic League Meeting will be the Annual BBQ @ 1pm @ the Lake Shadows Park April 20, 2024

307 Acres situated on the eastern shores of beautiful Lake Houston! Our Community is nestled in natural wooded sections and bordered by the lake on three horizons. It's where we call home!

Lake Shadows Annual BBQ & Election

This years Annual BBQ will be on Saturday, April 20, 2024 at our Lake Shadows Park.  BBQ and drinks will be provided by the Civic League.  This will be a potluck as usual so please bring a side (and/or dessert) to share with the community!  Food will be ready to eat at 12 noon.  Meeting will start at 1pm.  

We are needing 3 members of the community to act as the Election Committee.  These people will monitor the election email as nominations come in and will work with the Book Keeper. Please email the Book Keeper: if you are interested in being on the election committee. 

There are 5 seats up for election this year (the actual positions are not up for election, the positions are appointed by the new board members).  If you would like to be on the ballot for the Civic League board, please email your name to:     *Please do not nominate someone other than your self.  If you do, and that person did not want to be a nominee, it causes that board seat to be empty*.  Nomination email will open starting March 24th @8am and will close March 29th @ 5pm. 

If there are not more than 5 nominations, there will not be a ballot sent out and the ones that are nominated will be placed on the board by acclamation. (If there ends up being more than 5 nominations, a ballot will be mailed out by March 31st).   If not all seats are filled by nominations, the floor will be opened up at the Annual Meeting for anyone that would like to become a board member.